Please note:
Cypress introduced a breaking change in versions 11 and 12. Please make sure to use the latest version of cy2. Read more at
cy2 is an NPM package that Integrates Cypress with alternative cloud services like Sorry Cypress or Currents by setting the environment variable CYPRESS_API_URL.
The command passes down to cypress all the CLI flags, so you can just use it instead of cypress
$ npm install -g cy2
$ export CYPRESS_API_URL=""
$ cy2 run --record --key XXX --parallel --ci-build-id `date +%s`
  • Running the command above will invoke your default cypress version with the flags you've provided. It will also modify the internal cypress configuration to use a different API URL.
  • If no URL is provided, it will use the default cypress package configuration
  • On Windows set CYPRESS_API_URL in the CMD shell with set CYPRESS_API_URL= (Don't use quotes (") because the Windows CMD takes them literally unlike the Linux shells)
MacOS Ventura users:
Running `cy2` in an interactive shell can fail with EPERM: operation not permitted unless you need to explicitly allow the shell app to modify other applications.
Add the shell app of your choice to the allowed list.
Mac OS Settings > Privacy and Security > App Management
cy2 EPERM - adding shell to App Management allowed list