Director Service
Director service configuration options

Common Configuration

Director will listen on that port
"Run URL" shown by Cypress agent when running tests
Director uses the timeout value to define how long we should wait before checking for a run’s inactivity.
List of comma delimited record keys (provided to the Cypress Runner using --key option) which are accepted by the director service.
This can be useful when cypress is running on external CI servers and we need to expose director to the internet.
Empty or not provided variable means that all record keys are allowed.

Persistence Configuration

Set the execution driver for Director service. Possible values are:
  • ../execution/in-memory - Director will keep all the data in-memory. See Basic Setup.
  • ../execution/mongo/driver - use MongoDB as a persistence. See Full Setup.

MongoDB Configuration

Used when mogo persistence configuration is selected. Refer to MongoDB Configuration.

Remote Storage Configuration

Set the execution driver for Director service. Possible values are:
  • ../screenshots/dummy.driver - don't store anything, dummy driver
  • ../screenshots/s3.driver - use AWS S3. See Full Setup for details.
  • ../screenshots/minio.driver- use Minio. See Full Setup for details.

AWS S3 Remote Storage Configuration

Minio Configuration

Read Minio Configuration for Director