Basic AWS Setup

Basic Setup of Sorry Cypress on AWS

The basic installation is designed to be plug-n-play - it creates the bare minimum of resources to run Sorry Cypress on AWS.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive deployment please process to Advanced AWS Setup

Cloud Formation Stack

It takes just 5 minutes to deploy full sorry-cypress kit on AWS using AWS Cloud Formation template.

  1. Click the link, follow on-screen instructions

  2. Wait for deloyment to complete

  3. Go to "Output" section of Cloud Formation task to see access URLs

  4. Reconfigure cypress to use DirectorURL from the previous step.

  5. That's it!

Alternatively, use the commands below

aws cloudformation create-stack --template-url --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM --stack-name sorry-cypress-2

Stack Overview

The Cloud Formation stack uses AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) to run sorry-cypress services. The configuration includes networks and Load Balancer for secure and convenient access.

The artifacts created by the stack are:

  • Director URL - this is what you provide when configure cypress agent to use the alternative dashboard.

  • Dashboard URL - web dashboard access URL

  • API URL - GraphQL API access URL

  • S3 Bucket - for storing tests video recordings and screenshots

  • Cloudwatch log groups for debugging and troubleshooting

Template Configuration

StackName (default: "sorry-cypress")

Defines the stack name, also serves a prefix name for all the entities created by the stack. Please keep it short and no special characters as AWS limits service names.

TaskCpu (default: 1024)

The amount of CPU units dedicated to running the services. Sorry-cypress uses AWS Fargate as compute platform, and runs all the services as a single task, i.e. those CPU units are shared among all the services. Read more about at AWS Documentation

TaskMemory (default: 2048)

The amount of memory units dedicated to running the services. This resource is also shared between the services and defined at task-level. Read more at AWS Documentation``

DirectorPort (default: 8080)

The port number for accessing the director service. You'll need to use it as a destination when configuring cypress agents.

The stack creates AWS Application Load Balancer to provide access to the underlying services. By default, AWS LB URL points to the web dashboard (on port 80). The director service is available via the same URL but different port.

For example, if the access URL created by the stack is, and DirectorPort=8080 then director service will be available at

AWS Pricing

You're only paying for AWS resources. Here's a rough estimator of price / month for using the resources used . The actual usage might be higher (or lower) based on actual usage

  • Fargate pricing based on calculator 35.546 USD (1 vCPU, 2GB RAM) or 17.773 USD (0.5 vCPU, 1GB RAM)

  • EC2 Application Load Balancer based on calculator 19.35 USD (0.5 GB / hour, 0.5 connections / second)

  • S3 + Cloudwatch = varies based on usage

Too expensive? Try free Heroku setup.

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