Basic Setup

Sorry-cypress Director basic setup instructions

The basic sorry-cypress setup:

  • enables tests parallelization with grouping support

  • does not require any database

  • does not require any storage

  • does not support integrations (web hooks, Slack and GitHub integration)

  • keeps all the data in-memory

This setup might be useful for simple workflows when you do need parallelization but don't need the overhead of maintaining and paying for the infrastructure required to keep and browse tests results.

One could even create such a service on-demand every CI run and terminate at the end of CI process.

In order to start the director in the default, basic setup just run

docker run agoldis/sorry-cypress-director

By default the service starts on port 1234. Point cypress agents to use the newly launched service and see the tests running in parallel.

Behind the scene director service uses in-memory execution driver and can be explicitly set to basic mode by setting environment variables


To achieve parallelization for the same CI run, make sure that all CI machine are using the same sorry-cypress-director service and use the same --ci-build-id flag

--key flag has no effect - all keys are accepted for the basic setup. Same for cypress projectId

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