❤️ Contributions
Thanks for your interest in supporting sorry-cypress! This project is open source and only exists because of community support.
We accept donations on the following platforms

Here are additional ways you can contribute

    Add a ⭐️ on GitHub
    Write code and improve the project on GitHub
    Create issues, report bugs and request new features on GitHub
    Improve documentation or translate documentation on GitHub
    Create / improve integration and installation instructions on various cloud platforms
    Share your story and integration details with the community
    Share a message on social networks using #sorry-cypress tag

Start Using Managed Cypress Tests Dashboard

We've recently launched https://currents.dev - a managed cypress tests dashboard, which is based on sorry-cypress. By using currents.dev you're supporting sorry-cypress:
    we port features and improvements between projects
    we have resources to hire developers for help
    we are able to invest more time into the project
Thank you!
Last modified 2mo ago