Azure Blob Storage Configuration

Azure Blob Storage and Sorry Cypress

Azure Blob Storage is the object storage solution provided by Microsoft, like S3 is provided by AWS.

Sorry Cypress can use an Azure Blob Storage container in order to stores the screenshots and videos taken during tests.

In order to use minio as storage driver provider, you need to configure director service


You also need to patch the cypress runner code using cy2-azure. The package will modify the runner code called when uploading a file in order to add specific headers needed by Azure Blob Storage.

Please note that the implementation of Azure Blob Storage uses signed URLs for both writing and reading operations. This means that your container does not need to be public. It also means that both type of URLs will expire. Signed URLs used for writing will expire after the time set using AZURE_UPLOAD_URL_EXPIRY_IN_HOURS (defaults to a day). Signed URLs used for reading will expire after a year, which is the maximum duration.

Configuration Options

Treat your connexion string as a secret and hide it.

Refer setup example.


Connexion string to your Azure Blob Storage Account (documentation here)


Duration during which the signed upload urls stay valid.


Container name for storing generated artifacts. Please make sure that the container is created and configured properly before using it.

Azure Blob Storage has the same caveats as MinIO : the hostname is part of the signed URL. Please see the Minio documentation to understand the implications in terms of network configuration.

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