Sorry-cypress is an open-source, on-premise, self-hosted alternative to Cypress dashboard 🌲

⭐️ Features

  • Run cypress tests in parallel without dashboard, no limitations
  • Upload screenshots and videos to your own storage
  • Self-hosted - use your own infrastructure, own your data
  • Integrate with GitHub, Slack, MS Teams and other 3rd party tools via web hooks
  • Browse test results, failures, screenshots and video recordings
  • Deploy on any popular cloud platform:
    • Docker images
    • Docker Compose files
    • Kubernetes Helm Charts
    • AWS
    • Heroku
    • Google Cloud
    • Azure

💎 Support

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⚡️ Sorry Cypress on Cloud - Currents

Sorry Cypress is 100% open source project, if you're happy to manage your own infrastructure, please continue reading our guides and installation instructions. is a cloud-based, production-grade, affordable alternative to Cypress Dashboard. It is based on sorry-cypress and provides many of the original dashboard features - without the overhead of managing your own infrastructure.
Check out the full features comparison table to see how Currents is different from Sorry Cypress. You can also check out the Cypress Dashboard vs. Currents Guide.
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