Common questions and setup issues
This is a collection of most common questions associated with Sorry Cypress setup

Can I use a private AWS S3 bucket with sorry-cypress?

This is not trivial. If you find a proper configuration, please contribute to this documentation for others to follow. Please refer to the following scheme for reference.
  1. 1.
    Upload flow: Cypress runner reports its results to director service
  2. 2.
    Director service get signed S3 upload URL from the configured AWS S3 bucket (or any other object storage compatible service - e.g. minio)
  3. 3.
    Director service sends back the signed S3 upload URL, stores the read URL in a DB
  4. 4.
    Cypress runner uses the signed upload URL to upload the screenshots / videos
  5. 5.
    Read flow: a browser reads the test results and uses the read URL from a DB
  6. 6.
    AWS S3 returns the content to the browser
Cypress AWS S3 upload / read flow

Cypress Parallelization is not working - I see a separate build for each machine

Why isn't Sorry Cypress Dashboard working? I cannot see test results!

Most chances something is wrong with your setup or the way you're connecting to sorry-cypress. Try following the next steps for troubleshooting before submitting support requests.
  • Make sure Sorry Cypress services are up and running
    • Director service is reachable, is connected to the right DB and it logs the requests
    • API service is reachable and is connected to the right DB and it logs the requests
    • Dashboard loads with empty results
  • Ensure you're reconfiguring cypress to use Director's service URL.
    • Run cypress in debug mode DEBUG=cypress:server:* to see the details of network requests - the debug mode works both when running cypress and cy2
    • Examine Director service log files to see the incoming requests
  • Examine the logs files
    • Run cypress runner in debug mode - DEBUG=cypress:server:* cypress run ...
    • Examine sorry-cypress log files and identify the requests / responses that are not working as expected
  • Check out available Support options if you still need help. Collect all the relevant logs, configuration, describe the desired and the actual results.