Common questions and setup issues

This is a collection of most common questions associated with Sorry Cypress setup

Can I use a private AWS S3 bucket with sorry-cypress?

Yes! In orther to use a private S3 bucket with sorry-cypress, you need to create a bucket with the following:

  1. A public-read ACL

  2. Public Access Block should be:

block_public_acls       = false
block_public_policy     = true
ignore_public_acls      = false
restrict_public_buckets = true
  1. A bucket resource policy making it private. You can restrict bucket access based on the source IP, or only from sources in your private VPC, for example.

Please refer to the file in the terraform-aws-sorry-cypress module to find and example of an S3 bucket configuration.

Please refer to the following scheme for reference.

  1. Upload flow: Cypress runner reports its results to director service

  2. Director service get signed S3 upload URL from the configured AWS S3 bucket (or any other object storage compatible service - e.g. minio)

  3. Director service sends back the signed S3 upload URL, stores the read URL in a DB

  4. Cypress runner uses the signed upload URL to upload the screenshots / videos

  5. Read flow: a browser reads the test results and uses the read URL from a DB

  6. AWS S3 returns the content to the browser

Cypress Parallelization is not working - I see a separate build for each machine

Why isn't Sorry Cypress Dashboard working? I cannot see test results!

Most chances something is wrong with your setup or the way you're connecting to sorry-cypress. Try following the next steps for troubleshooting before submitting support requests.

  • Make sure Sorry Cypress services are up and running

    • Director service is reachable, is connected to the right DB and it logs the requests

    • API service is reachable and is connected to the right DB and it logs the requests

    • Dashboard loads with empty results

  • Ensure you're reconfiguring cypress to use Director's service URL.

    • Run cypress in debug mode DEBUG=cypress:server:* to see the details of network requests - the debug mode works both when running cypress and cy2

    • Examine Director service log files to see the incoming requests

  • Examine the logs files

    • Run cypress runner in debug mode - DEBUG=cypress:server:* cypress run ...

    • Examine sorry-cypress log files and identify the requests / responses that are not working as expected

  • Check out available Support options if you still need help. Collect all the relevant logs, configuration, describe the desired and the actual results.

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