Executable Wrapper

Thanks @janineahn and @redaxmedia for this contribution!

Instead of changing the api_url in the cypress config, it's also possible to reroute the cypress IP in your /etc/hosts file.

Sorry-cypress includes an executable helper for this, to use it run sudo sorry-cypress (superuser rights are necessary for editing the hosts file).

This command use hostile to change your hosts file and will start cypress in a child process. Once Cypress is done or killed the rerouting rule in your hosts file will be deleted.

The command will need the following environment variables:




sudo SORRY_CYPRESS_BUILD_ID=build-001 SORRY_CYPRESS_RECORD_KEY=whatever SORRY_CYPRESS_API_IP= ./bin/sorry-cypress.js <other cypress arguments>

Please be aware of the following limitation before using sorry-cypress.js

  • Only works with etc/hosts or C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts present

  • Only works with HTTPS on and port 443 on the target machine

  • Has hard coded arguments for the cypress run

  • Missing output that CLI started/finished